I have a small kiddie pool and I DO NOT WANT TO SPEND MONEY ON KEEPING IT CLEAN:

Homemade Product:

Items considered: Pantyhose, Window Screen, Mesh Netting, Christmas Decoration made of light wires that are beautiful, Glow in the Dark Necklaces and Bracelets
A mop or broom handle — or something comparable that provides a means to hold an item and reach with it — it must be solid
A Water Filter
A mini pool vacuum – still expensive

I want more than just a SURFACE Cleaner; I want something that works as a water filter, scrubs, and removes all the bugs or other things lingering in or on the top of the pool:

If I could hook a water filter up to a vaccum hose that could be attached to a broom stick or other sturdy object, then I could not only vacuum my pool, but also create something that could be used interchangeably with a brush to clean the bottom and skim the top:

Research showed a “funnel” and it didn’t make any sense to me.

I needed something flat and pretty, so I bought GLOW in the DARK Necklaces and attached a pair of white panty hose and created a Beautiful Pool Skimmer.

By coming up with this neat homemade product, I saved myself $19 and thought about many other things these little glow in the dark Bracelets and necklaces can be used for.

Keeping in mind that these glow in the dark objects do not last very long, I realized, it would still be functional, but the GLOW would wear off — much like my artificial tan.

I considered SOLAR powered String Lights — but I’m not sure if they will work in the water and I don’t have any on hand to test.

Perhaps cleaning the Pool at night, is not necessary, but an excellent idea to get kids and others engaged in buying and making things that are fun, REUSEABLE and saves money!

Glow in the Dark Necklaces are available at Family Dollar Stores and other select locations, for under $5 a pack.

Consider reuse, rather than throwing them away and have pool party meeting discussions to plan how you will reuse them to create something functional

Older kids who can operate glue guns can make amazing things with $1 bracelets; like belts and earrings, but nothing of FUNCTIONAL VALUE, other than possibly a POOL NET.

With my beautiful Red Christmas Mesh Netting; I created a circular decorative piece with my bracelet, but it just didn’t offer anything, but a DECORATIVE ITEM — it was still NON-FUNCTIONAL.

Using the DECORATIVE Christmas Mesh Netting, and the Glow in the Dark Bracelets, I created a SCREEN for my window. Those things are tough to change the shape and too small, so decided, that something circular was not the best option — I needed something RECTANGULAR so it could serve MULTIPLE PURPOSES:

I considered using a window screen for a pool net and a Christmas Mesh Netting for my Window Screen; one ugly and one pretty, making a oversized Pool Skimmer and a Pretty Screen, but


Save even more money creating a double functional homemade product that serves possibly two or more purposes.

Does this have another possible use?

Yes, in large quantities, they can be used garden gates, decorative perimeters, fencing, purses, wallets, belts, jewelry, hair pretties, kid and pet gates, craft signs, and its general purpose: Christmas Wrap.

Here is how and why I do this:

A product that is intended for one purpose has more purposes than we originally thought or imagined. By reviewing a product for ALL of the Many possible uses, we’ve found ways to improve the beauty, functionality, and use of products — SAVING MONEY by creating things we are programmed to think we need: such as a Pool Net Skimmer or that Christmas Ribbon Netting is only used for decorations on Christmas.

I created several things out of my Christmas Netting — and if bought at the right time, or even any time, it can save tons of money and make fun family projects that are MEMORABLE, INEXPENSIVE, MULTI-USE, PRETTY, and not sellable.

I ended up using a screen that I had in my basement as a pool net to remove bugs, bees, and grass clippings. I still saved money and realized the pool net skimmer is something we buy because it works best for large pools. It’s not something we have to buy for kiddie pools — !

Proven – A Window Screen Works Best and does not need to be adapted or built.


By Sheri